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Pilot LogLine:

When an eccentric yet unconfident 13th-century wizard learns he is fated to die of the plague, he struggles to conjure a destiny-changing cure before everyone dies; still, in the interim, the queen compels him to kill her husband in the name of overthrowing the kingdom.

About The Screenplay:

Imagine A World Where a Rite Shapes the Future

THE RITE OF WANDS is a high-concept, high-fantasy story with a rigid foundation of world-building and lore.

Set in a medieval Ireland called Iverna when its lands have been divided into kingdoms of men and wizards, the story begins when Mierta (30s), a neurodivergent apothecarist endures the Rite of Wands ceremony, visiting portions of his past, present, and future, to gain his wand and magical power.

By doing this, Mierta learns he is fated to die of pestilence.

He now has the unique opportunity to change this future by conjuring a cure before everyone dies. But he doesn't know that the antagonist, Anya (40s), queen of the kingdom of Vandolay, plans to manipulate him to kill her husband so she can claim the throne for herself.

EPISODE STRUCTURE: In each episode, Mierta comes one step closer to discovering just how far Anya's willing to go to get what she wants.

Format & Genre:

Fantasy, Serial Drama




Mackenzie Flohr