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Note: Mackenzie only recommends products and people that she believes in and/or uses, and therefore some links above may be affiliate links. This means she may receive a commission if you purchase. (However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate her–you may even get a better deal sometimes than she did!).
  • You have a killer book idea inside you. But you don’t want to waste time or money in the process. Could you actually become an author and make your dream come true? Anyone can turn their killer book idea into a bulletproof blueprint. This proven process will give you and your book the clarity, competence, and confidence you deserve. Simply follow the step-by-step system inside.

    Mackenzie used this product to build her book proposals for The Rite of Abnegation.

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  • Have you dreamed of being an author? This FREE webinar will give you insight into the different publishing options available, including the option Mackenzie chose to publish her upcoming non-fiction, personal growth book.

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  • You have an idea, a product, or a service. You want to help people and solve their problems. All you need is a little clarity to take your business to the next level. Business Academy Elite provides entrepreneurs with all the training, skills, and coaching necessary for success.

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  • The Igniting Souls Conference is one of the premier Business Building and Personal Growth conferences in the United States. ISC attendees come away with powerful instructions and personal breakthroughs. It is a conference you'll definitely not want to miss!

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  • Have you ever dreamed of turning your book into a movie script?

    Sara McDermott is a producer and award-winning screenwriter with over 15 years of experience and has worked with dozens of production companies over the years to get scripts' production ready. She'll teach you how to adapt ANY book for the screen.

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  • Do you have a fantasy or science fiction novel or series that fans of the longest-running science fiction show, Doctor Who, would read? If so, contact Doctor Who Online about their advertising packages. Tell them Mackenzie Flohr sent you!

    Mackenzie has advertised with them for over 2 years and they helped her find her audiobook narrator for The Rite of Wands series.

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  • Want a wand like Mierta's in The Rite of Wands? Now, you can!
    Magical Alley have sold their beautiful, custom designs around the globe. Their unique products range from lathe-turned magic wands to many various hand-carved or crafted artistic items. They also offer one-on-one consultation with their customers, to assist them in creating their very own custom designs for wands.
  • Their master craftsman is Timothy Wood from Lincoln, England. He's a professional craftsman with 35 years of woodcraft skills, ranging in Antique Restoration to Cabinet Making. He has a six-year apprenticeship and four years of college in Advanced Craft.

    Mackenzie worked with Magical Alley in creating Mierta's wand for her award-winning The Rite of Wands fantasy series.

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