• Michigan's Most Inspiring Stories

    Voyage Michigan Magazine discusses with Mackenzie some of her backstories, and the challenges she's had to face and overcome.

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  • How To Write Compelling Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories

    Science Fiction and Fantasy are hugely popular genres. What does it take for a writer today to write compelling and successful Science Fiction and Fantasy stories? 

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  • Beacon of Light Podcast

    Fantasy and fiction have power!

    Please join Mackenzie Flohr to see how you can escape into the great story of her fantasy book and learn how to dream, desire, and build light, knowing that there is more out there.

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  • 2019 Author Academy Awards

    Jon Berrien interviews award-winning Young Adult Fantasy author, Mackenzie Flohr, on the red carpet at the 2019 Author Academy Awards.

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  • The Storyteller Chatchat - Season 2 | Episode 1

    Creative writers, authors, and artists unite! Genese Davis and Mackenzie Flohr reveal fantastic options for turning pain into passion and taking your writing or artistic project to the next level. Grab the attention of readers, watchers, and consumers around the world using these women's insider tips, tricks, and expert advice. Instead of dreading unfortunate real-life experiences, learn how to transform them!

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  • Indie Reads TV - Season 1 | Episode 10

    Mackenzie Flohr speaks with Diana Kathryn Plopa from Page Promotions, LLC on CMNTV, Channel 18, in Michigan on Comcast and WOW. She speaks about writing, The Rite of Wands series, including what's next for reader favorite Mierta McKinnon, British actor Matt Smith's inspiration behind the character, the Literary Classic Awards & more!

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  • Giving Back to the Universe: 8 Questions With Fantasy Author Mackenzie Flohr

    Adventures are meant to pull readers away from their day-to-day lives and introduce them to a world of infinite possibilities.

    Mackenzie Flohr does just that in The Rite of Wands, a novel filled with deadly secrets and heart-pounding danger.

    Flohr sat down to talk with me recently regarding her writing process, how the book’s plot found her, and why writing is a lot harder than it seems.

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